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SQARES redefines the traditional art market by making artworks tradable through blockchain-based technology - globally, in real time and at minimal fees. Each SQARE represents a physical artwork that you can buy or sell in its entirety.

High-security storage facilities guarantee the optimal and anonymous storage of your art treasures. But why SQARES? Because we not only provide the technology, but also the vision and know-how to bring the art trade into the digital age. With SQARES, you are entering the future of art investment.


Step into the captivating world of SQARES, where art and investment converge in a masterpiece of financial opportunity. By participating in SQARES, you not only support the arts but unlock a unique avenue for passive income through ARES, our exclusive support program.

Earn a share of the quarterly trading fees while enjoying the transparency and independence that define SQARES. This isn't just investing; it's a transformative journey where creativity meets profitability.

Join a global community of art enthusiasts and investors, diversify your portfolio with the vibrant hues of the art market, and make an impact both locally and globally. Elevate your investment experience – invest in art, invest in the future with SQARES.

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Embark on a Revolutionary Artistic Odyssey with SQARES: Join our platform to redefine the boundaries of creativity and secure your artistic legacy on the blockchain. Dive into a vibrant community, connecting with fellow artists, passionate curators, and collectors who appreciate the unique allure of physical masterpieces.

SQARES isn't just a platform; it's a global stage where your series gains curatorial recognition and captivates audiences with tech-infused marketing magic. Elevate your artistic narrative and script a new chapter in the history of (physical) artwork, as your creations become coveted digital assets, celebrated and immortalized in the digital echelons of SQARES.

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